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The core of this business is an Agro and allied production of Traditional Hand-Crafted Organic Products. The products are Raw Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, Castor Oil, Moringa Oil, Moringa Powder, Raw Cocoa Butter and Ghana Raw Black Soap. These are produced purely natural. Organic Pavilion – SHF was established to bring friendly and rewarding experience to develop deep understanding of agricultural massive input to economic improvement.

ORGANIC PAVILION-SHF an Enterprise a Ghanaian Registered Business based in Accra and the Production points in different location.

As a company we came up with a new approach and research to find out what was once ignored are the best and the world needs to feed and use the Natural, Organic Products or unrefined and pure natural products both for use locally and exported all around the world. This enterprise started in March 2015 found out this wonderful treasures in our midst and appreciate God’s blessings and share with the world.


We value what human being consume and use daily, we Produce the very best and when we received order we Produce Fresh. we understand that the Natural Product is the best for consumption and all skin types and we seek to project that which add value and make our natural cosmetics and other products derived from these Natural or Organic Product useful, even good for human consumption.


Clearness, awareness of the natural organic products, beauty, values that was once ignored to be appreciated


Our ultimate goal is to share with the world the values of organic and natural products. These seem to have been ignored for a while but needs to be appreciated and used because of their huge benefits and positive impact in our lives both for consumption and external use.