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Frequently Asked Question!

Unrefined shea butter has a creamy, pale-yellowish, or ivory color and has a distinct nutty scent. The shea nut is processed under controlled conditions and no added ingredient is involved during extraction which preserves the natural efficacy of the butter.

Refined shea butter?
on the other hand is the processed form of unrefined shea butter. It is almost white with little or no distinct nutty scent due to the processes involved in refining. Refining involves chemical processes like deodorizing and bleaching or usage of chemicals that remove most of the bioactive content which reduce the therapeutic properties and nutritional value of the butter.

The shea butter soap is very moisturizing because 50% of the oils is shea butter and is ideal for dry skin. The black soap has an antibacterial effect, since it contains not only the antibacterial properties of neem oil and coconut oil but also natural plant extracts which help to soothe irritation and inflammation and remove pimples and bacteria from the skin surface.

Yes! If you want to purchase larger quantities of pure shea butter, you can always contact our sales department via email or telephone. We can deliver Shea butter in quantities of 1kg or more. Prices and delivery times depend on the individual conditions. We would be pleased to make you a personal offer.

The black soap is black because one of the raw materials which is the cocoa pod ash is mainly made up of plantain skins, cocoa pods, that were first sun-dried and then roasted before they are being burned to ash. The ash is subsequently leached, and the leached water (black color) is used to saponify the shea butter and other oils. This gives the black soap its dark color.

Freight costs depend on the quantity ordered and delivery destination, either by Air or Sea. We can do both Full Container Load (FCL) and smaller orders than FCL. Please contact us for more details.

Please contact us for current wholesale prices.

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